While reviewing the domestic housing environment in Trinidad and Tobago, we noticed an evident shortage of affordable, durable housing for families at all income levels.

Additionally, we witnessed growing International attention to environmental conservation issues and the havoc caused by an increase in natural disasters. What was required was a more efficient building system. And so, the idea behind TIAHCO was born.

With cutting–edge technology, TIAHCO introduced a new system of building that would be used to simultaneously withstand the increasing severity of natural disasters, while being environmentally sound.

Although this system was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago in the late 1990’s, it has had enviable success rates for the past 50 years in over 50 countries, worldwide.


TIAHCO is privately owned by residents of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Both its capital and asset base are also locally owned.

Our business focuses on land development and building construction.

As a member of the larger conglomerate of the Therml Impac Group of Companies, TIAHCO offers a myriad of services and consultancies including:

  • Architectural design of buildings
    Interior Design
    Civil Works
    Construction: all aspects
    Engineering design
    Equipment rental and transport
    Infrastructural Design
    Plans and Drawings
    Sale of Land
    Sale of moldings

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in panel construction committed to providing a distinctive, timely, environmentally sound and cost-effective product for the residential, commercial and industrial building industry.

What Drives Us?

Our reputation to deliver quality building structures on time. The secret of our success is a resolute emphasis on system integrity, a persevering commitment to resources and time, and a dedicated reliance on solid teamwork.

What Sets Us Apart?

The speed of product delivery, exemplary product quality and unbeatable value for money is the TIAHCO difference. Through its collective efforts, TIAHCO continues to raise the bar in order to offer incomparable customer satisfaction.

The Reality Behind a TIAHCO Development?

Behind every TIAHCO development is not only the use of an innovative building system, but a resolute focus on creating communities in which you would be proud to live.


We are a company whose impetus is driven by a sense of Deep Purpose.

In 1996, we launched the Therml Impac Affordable Homes Company Limited or TIAHCO, as we call it. The company was birthed from a simple observation of the lack of quality homes for those who could not afford it. This fact became the propulsive force for the creation of our modern-engineered homes which could be attainable to all.

Today, TIAHCO is building residential, commercial and industrial buildings which are more energy efficient, engineered for dependability, and most importantly, will not ‘break the bank.’

We want you to get the best value for your money. So, when you choose the Therml Impac building system, you get a custom designed space that is of incomparable quality, tailored to your budget and delivered in record time.

Over the last two decades, TIAHCO has grown through its diligent work ethic, sound R&D, solid teamwork and unflagging attention to customer satisfaction.

Our building system has reached as far as Sri Lanka, Ghana and the U.K. to islands right here in our Caribbean backyard.

We’ve also expanded our core product offering to include polystyrene moldings, blocks and sheets, ceilings, concrete floor slabs, construction services, accessories and more.

There is so much flexibility with this system. We’ve successfully supplied our signature product offering – our Building in a Kit – to several countries in the Caribbean and to the European, African and Asian Continents. So now, even your own local builders can access our system.

We have gathered the finest in resources, expertise and applications, in an effort to give you an unrivalled experience, when you choose TIAHCO as your Builder of Choice.

Here’s to a rewarding future working for you with vision, integrity and pride. This is TIAHCO, building tomorrow’s homes, today!

Kayam Baboolal
Managing Director
Therml Impac Group of Companies


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